Our Values

The Harvest

The Harvest is important to Jesus and it is important to us (Matthew 9:37-38)! Jesus compared His work of bringing people into the Kingdom of God with that of farmers harvesting their crops and bringing them into a storehouse. We strive to join Jesus in His work to bring individuals into a living, vibrant relationship with the Creator of us all! Much of our ministry here revolves around helping people get connected in joyful relationship with God, become strong in their knowledge of His Word, then become effective in communicating that relationship with others.

Our Life Statement

Draw near to God and do everything He says!

Our Life Mission

We live to know Him more, which is true worship. In knowing Him more we draw nearer to each other, which is true fellowship. Then finding ourselves in Him, and our place in His body, we introduce others to the God who wants to be known to all, which is true stewardship.

The Issues of Life

Worship as a priority; God’s Word as our authority; God’s love for our wholeness; the family as Father’s basic unit; racial, gender, and social harmony in His kingdom; the unity of Christ’s body; constant prayer for fruitfulness; Spirit-filled witness; Spirit-led service; the vitality of spiritual language; a commitment to spiritual warfare; restitution for wrongdoing wherever possible; a spirit of giving and soundness of stewardship; an adherence to sound doctrine. In essentials, unity; in nonessentials, liberty; in all things, love!


It was the concept that revolutionized our church life in 1995! Life Church was just ten years old at the time, but we could see a problem ahead… Like so many churches, we were building for obsolescence! We were concentrated on adults and their place in the world, and we weren’t looking intently enough at the ones who would be inheriting the world after us!

Then in 1995, we began looking two-generations down! Our sixty-somethings were thinking about and working for the forty-somethings and twenty-somethings. Forty-year olds were now focusing on the twenty-year olds and teens, plus one more generation down to the nursery and pre-K’s! Twenty-year olds enlisted in children’s ministry and they were ready to take on another generation as they aged. We began building buildings to house the younger generations that we could help become good Christians and citizens… and parents and grandparents resonated to the idea.
The rest is pleasant history! Life Church began to grow and it hasn’t stopped growing yet!