Building Blocks of Life – Bible Study

Building Blocks of Life is a fifteen-lesson course providing practical application of biblical truths for the Christian faith. It is a Scripture-rich study covering several foundational truths important for successful Christian living. The lessons are well laid out with full documentation. While the printable PDF file and MP3 audio files for each lesson are designed to be used together, either can be used alone. Feel free to pass these along to others who may be interested in growing in the Lord. (This material can be distributed freely, but it is not to be sold.)

Lesson 1: The Authority of the Word

The foundation and guide for the Christian life is the Word of God. Within its vast wisdom we find the keys to salvation for every area of our life: spirit, soul, and body. For a person to be solid in his beliefs about God, he must establish each belief on the Word. Teacher: Cere Muscarella

Lesson 2: The Lordship of Jesus Christ

How can Jesus truly be Lord of my life if I live in a way that is inconsistent with His goals and character? Am I doing things He would never do? We must start by knowing what are Jesus’ goals and character. Teacher: Sonny Bowman

Lesson 3: The Person, Work, and Ministry of the Holy Spirit

In the Godhead, the Holy Spirit plays a special role in equipping a believer to live a life that accomplishes God’s will. This session covers the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. Teacher: Stacy Collins

Lesson 4: Misconceptions about Tongues

There seems to be much confusion and disagreement on the purpose and the proper place of tongues. This study is designed to bring a biblical balance to the understanding of tongues and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Teacher: Stacy Collins

Lesson 5: Righteousness: Set Free from Sin's Power

Would you like to be totally free from sin, bondages, and guilt? Jesus made a way. He didn’t just forgive your sins. He set you free from their power. Teacher: Sonny Bowman

Lesson 6: Spirit, Soul, and Body

How can God say we are righteous when we make such bad choices at times? The key to understanding—and correcting—this situation lies in the proper understanding of the three-part nature of man. Teacher: Stacy Collins

Lesson 7: Worship that Moves Father's Heart

Nowhere is there more of a need for the Body of Christ to embrace His ways than in the arena of Worship! And that in fact is what true worship is, bowing down before Him, embracing His rule with abandon. Teacher: Cere Muscarella

Lesson 8: From Forgiven to Forgiving

Forgiving love is so foreign to this world’s love that even many Christians struggle with how to walk in it. It is easy to get carried away with murmuring, complaining, faultfinding, division, and bitterness. Here are some practical guidelines to help you walk in God’s love. Teacher: Sonny Bowman

Lesson 9: Faith that Pleases God

Why is faith so important? You can’t please Him without it. Strong faith is the result of rich fellowship with Father. And … fellowship is not relationship. Teacher: Stacy Collins

Lesson 10: Healing for Life

God is our Healer! Healing is His idea! He authored all the healing promises! Healing is His heart’s desire! It is His expressed will for us, manifest through Jesus! Teacher: Stacy Collins

Lesson 11: Effortless Prosperity

The Scriptures declare God’s all-encompassing provision to those who believe Him, trust Him, and completely yield themselves into His care as they seek His rule and transformation into the image of dear sons and daughters above all else. Teacher: Stacy Collins

Lesson 12: The Things We Do

It’s all about relationship. This lesson explains the importance of water baptism, communion, and the laying of of hands in the lives of believers. Teacher: Sonny Bowman

Lesson 13: Being a Follower of Jesus

In the beginning of the Church, it was all about Him! He was everything! Everyone wanted Him, and everyone who believed wanted to be like Him! Jesus intended for people coming to a life of faith to be instantaneous “followers” of Him, “Never being where He isn’t and always being where He is!” Teacher: Cere Muscarella

Lesson 14: Prayer - Conversation with Your Father

Real prayer is life creating and life changing. We are working with God to determine the outcome of events. True prayer is a two-way conversion, and simply said, “talking with God, your Father.” Teacher: Stacy Collins

Lesson 15: End Times Overview

God has told us quite a bit about the end time in His Word—the Bible. And it’s a lot easier to understand the Bible teachings about End Times than many people think. For more detailed information about End Times, please download the free booklet: End Times – Putting the Pieces in Place. Teacher: Sonny Bowman