Various Classes
by Life Church

Following are various classes produced by Life Foursquare Church along with notes for each session (when available).

Angels, Demons, and Satan Video Series

The world’s view of the spiritual can be distorted and misleading. Discover what the Bible says in our course Angels, Demons and Satan, taught by Cere Muscarella.

DTS Video Series

DTS (Discipleship Training School) is an attempt to recapture old-world discipleship. It is a personal discipleship class in which Cere Muscarella Cere shares some of the concepts and precepts used to disciple him, along with tools that helped him grow in grace.

Reset Parenting & Reset Marriage

Following are two audio series by Cere Muscarella on resetting our parenting and our marriages to more closely match God’s design.

The Holy Spirit Video Series

The Holy Spirit is the Promise of God for all who believe. He is the Other Comforter that Jesus sent back to the Church when He ascended to the Father. He is our all-important life Partner, Empowerer and Personal Guide. Watch this series  by Cere Muscarella for a foundational Bible study regarding the Person, work, and place for the Holy Spirit in our lives.