Donate to Life Foursquare Church

Angleton, Texas

We have several ways for you to donate to Life Church. The quickest and easiest is to text just the dollar amount (for example: 250) to xxx-xxx-xxxx (our donation text number). The first time you do this, you will get a reply with a one-time link where you can set up your information. After that you simply text the dollar amount to the number and you are done. You will receive an acknowledgment for each donation. You can also simply click the “Donate Now” button below and donate online. Of course you can always drop your donation off at the church or mail it directly or by using your bank’s online bill pay feature. If you still have questions, please read on.

Designating your online donations:

To text a donation for a particular purpose at Life, just add a space after the donation amount and type the name of the desired fund after it. Valid texting funds include:
Tithe (for tithes)
Offering (for general offerings)
(for benevolence)
Building (for building fund)
FSQMissions (for Foursquare denominational global missions)
LifeMissions (for Life Church mission trips)
srhighcamppay (for High School Camp registration payment)
jrhighcamppay (for Junior High School Camp registration payment)
srhighcampdonation (for High School Camp scholarship donations)
jrhighcampdonation (for Junior High School Camp scholarship donations)
YoungAdultsPay (for Young Adult event payments)

Note: If no fund is specified, the donation goes to our general funds as Tithes and Offerings. Send the text to xxx-xxx-xxxx.

When donating online from our web site, you will have an option to designate the money for a particular purpose. Donations placed online (rather than by texting) have additional funds that can be seletected. Thank you!

Make changes to your online donations:

If you make a mistake with a text donation, you can text “refund” within 15 minutes to refund that donation. If it has been longer than 15 minutes, please contact the church office for assistance.
To edit your donation source (i.e., change bank routing numbers or credit card) by text, you can text EDIT to xxx-xxx-xxxx. Just follow the prompts to sign in and change your bank, credit card, or debit card settings. You can also click “sign in” for your account on your computer to edit your information (using the Donate Now button above).

Fees considerations:

Several people have expressed interest in the fees that we pay for online donations. We pay the highest fees for online donations made using either a credit card or a debit card. Online donations made directly from your bank account (also called ACH) are considerably lower—and they save us a lot of money in fees. If you wish to make online donations and minimize the fees we pay, please set up your payment to come from your bank account rather than from a credit or debit card. If you desire to avoid fees completely, most banks allow you to pay your bills online. You can use that service to have your bank mail a check to us with your donation. If desired, you can also set it up as recurring. All you need is our name and mailing address: Life Foursquare Church, 501 Karankawa, Angleton, Texas 77515. You can also bring your donation or mail it to us by traditional mail. Whatever way you choose to donate, please know that we greatly appreciate your partnering with us to serve the Lord in our community.