Mormonism: Does It Pass God’s 3-Question Test for Truth?

What is available at this site?

This site includes a book called, “Mormonism, Does It Pass God’s 3-Question Test for Truth?” that demonstrates that Mormonism fails God’s test for truth. The book can be read or downloaded by clicking the button.

Why is this book needed?

Mormonism is a name frequently used to describe the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mormonism claims to accurately represent true Christianity as revealed by God. If Mormonism’s doctrines are truly from God, then we should follow Mormon teachings and teach them to others. If Mormon doctrines are not from God, we should warn others about their error. How can we accurately determine if Mormonism is God’s true religion as it claims?

In the Bible, God provided a simple, three-part test that can be applied to any person or religion. God’s test determines if that person or religion really speaks for Him and whether they accurately represent God’s truth. The test is easy to apply and produces consistent answers. This book briefly documents the results of the test when it is applied to the doctrines of Mormonism.

Is it intolerant to question the teachings of others?

It is not intolerant. I fully support the right of people to believe anything they choose to believe. However, I have a responsibility to tell people what I learned when I applied God’s three-part test to Mormonism. It would be wrong not to share with others what I learned. After a person considers the information in this book, then he or she can decide what they should believe. That is between them and God. All I ask is that they carefully consider the information so that they can make the best decision of what they should believe.

Seek truth, no matter what it costs!

Who would knowingly want to believe a lie? Yet we often do not carefully evaluate our beliefs about truth. Maybe we fear the change that may be necessary if we find that truth is not what we believe. Change is uncomfortable. It may cost us our family, friends, prestige, job, peace or other things we cherish. However, if we love these more than Jesus and His truth, we have become fools. Seek to know truth, no matter what it cost! May God bless you in your search to know Him and His truth.

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