Ann Muscarella

Care Minister

Beneath that gentle and beautiful exterior there’s a gal with roots sunk deep in Jesus! Born into a turbulent family life, Ann learned at an early age how to let the storm rage on while her heart settled down on the foundation in God.

“It’s that quality that has made so much of the ministry at Life possible!” In the formation years of the church it was her quiet confidence and determination that kept her heart secure and her husband on track. Cere says, “There were many times in the early years when we were hurting (for six years she was near death) or needy (there were many basic things I couldn’t give her because of the needs of the ministry) or confused (we were young and not too smart)…”

If Ann had said one time, ‘I’ve had enough’ or even, ‘I don’t want to suffer any more’ we would have packed it up. Instead, she was always even, always sacrificial, always encouraging! When I married her I wanted to lay the world at her feet… instead she made the way for us to go after the world for Jesus sake!”

She’s not only a great model of inward strength; she’s also a great example of the love and compassion of God! Of the many ways Ann serves our congregation she shines bright as our Care Pastor.

She’s always on the phone, reaching out to touch someone new to the church, someone who needs prayer, someone who needs help, or to someone who needs to be a helper to someone in need! And receiving one of her handwritten cards is always like a breath of fresh air in a stagnant place or a ray of sunshine in the darkness of the world! Ann looks for ways to touch other people’s lives in ways they don’t expect….

She’s not only strong… she’s also very creative! When there’s time she loves to paint, specially design a backdrop, decorate a gift box, craft an intricate bow, or complete an artistic project! She loves to design and decorate homes (her own is a sanctuary of peace and beauty)!

She’s strong, creative and beautiful! On the outside, she’s the graceful combination of Tinker Bell and Barbie, complete with coordinated wardrobe and perfect make-up; her twinkling eyes smile in perfect union with her mouth, lighting up the darkest of situations! On the inside, she’s all love and mischief and everything nice. People just love being near her!

Ann is the servant of Jesus, the managing partner of Cere, the heart of her home, a model for many, and matriarch of the Church…