Claudia Yglecias


For a girl so full of new life in Christ—Claudia has a quiet demeanor. You almost wouldn’t know she was around, except you can see and feel the beautiful environment she leaves behind as one of our servant-hearted housekeeping members. Claudia is a devoted wife to Richard, and mother to three precious girls.

Growing up, as a child, Claudia attended church on Sunday, but it wasn’t until she was 10 years old that she received salvation. Her hunger for the Lord grew after she married her husband and had children. It wasn’t until then that she began to build a relationship with her Heavenly Dad.

As her husband was growing in his faith in the Lord, he introduced Claudia to a Bible translation that helped her grow in her knowledge and wisdom of the Lord. Through the years and through the struggles of life, marriage and parenting, she began to see the Lord’s sovereign hand, His presence, and His love for her, her husband, and their daughters.

In her immaturity and imperfections, Claudia had tried soaring through the world in her own strength. It resulted in a lot of discouragement, heartache, and failure. When she started attending Life Foursquare Church, she felt that the people welcomed her with love. The Body of Christ helped guide and direct her feet to the One who could transform her life forever, Jesus Christ.