Elise Grable


Elise’s family started attending Life Church when she was 13. She was very involved in church—taking two mission trips with the youth group, helping with church outreaches, singing on the worship team, participating in Christmas and Easter programs, and volunteering in the nursery. She also attended the small private school at Life Church, graduating high school in 1998.

Elise developed a love for dance that beautifully complimented her heart for worship. She danced in church and felt like she had found her passion. She began to take classes and eventually became a dance instructor. Elise also taught music and performing arts to elementary and junior high students.

About that time, Elise married. She and her husband were both playful and outgoing so they enjoyed entertaining friends and going off on adventures together. Life was “good.” Five years into marriage their first son, Jax, was born. Three years later their son, Jayden, was born. They had a fairly picturesque life on paper, yet it felt like it was lacking depth. Things bottomed out during their thirteenth year of marriage. Elise was crushed, yet not completely broken. She saw that hope and restoration can only come from God. Their marriage continued on for another two years, but sadly ended in divorce.

 In the midst of all of this Elise was blessed with a daughter that she had always longed for. Nina was a kid from the high school youth group that Elise had gotten to know. She had a very rough home life and had spent her childhood in and out of the foster system. Elise unofficially adopted Nina during her senior year of high school and the next year, tearfully sent her off to college. Nina has been such an amazing and needed addition to their family, brought in the Lord’s perfect timing!

The kids and Elise moved back to Angleton, Texas where the Lord continued to grow and mature her fatih. Her heart to help others find healing and hope after divorce led her to begin writing. She writes and speaks about how God has helped her process her own struggles of abuse, betrayal, and single parenting. Elise often felt like meeting a godly man who fit into her life was an impossible task. However, God continued to remind her that He is the God of the impossible.


After 5 years of singleness, Elise recently married her husband Josh, which is proof of the possibilities that only God can orchestrate! Josh is a tailored fit for the family. His investment goes beyond just Elise with him taking an active role in the boys’ lives as well. He’s a true answer to Elise’s heart-felt prayers.

Elise is a youth leader for Life High and volunteers for VBS during the summers. Elise enjoys cooking and baking—and loves to share her creations with others. She still carries a passion for dance close to her heart and loves to use it as a tool for worship. Creativity is a vehicle for many of her endeavors. Elise has a deep desire to show Christ to others by connecting with them in a real and honest way.

Elise has served on the Life Foursquare Church staff as a secretary and receptionist since the beginning of 2016.