Elton Davis

Director of Music

Elton has an effervescent joy that lifts you up if you’re down —and makes you crazy if you are trying to stay down! He wears a bright white smile around the clock, laughs hardy at anything remotely serious, and has mischief in his eyes all the time!

Although an extremely gifted, highly trained and accomplished pianist, when it comes to praise and worship, Elton leads from the wellspring of his heart! From the first musical notes hitting the air, you can tell that he is fully involved in a love relationship with the One who saved him, and that he uses the full force of his personality to let it show! Those who are present for worship get to experience and participate in his musical tributes to the Lord!

Elton came to Life Church in 1995 and the group has been different ever since! But don’t go looking for him in the office much… unless you have the key to unlock the secret of “Where will I office today?” The whole world is his stage… place… thing… office…. In past years, Elton has shined even brighter as an author and playwright, writing The Bride of Christ, Stanton’s Fall, Dorothy’s Journey, and Last Hope—greatly successful dramas.

“Eddie” (a nickname), loves all kinds of music (and having a Bachelor’s degree in music, he not only appreciates it all, he can play it all!), movies, hanging out with friends (there’s a mess of them and the list grows everyday!), traveling (Australia has not been the same since his return!), missions trips (he likes bringing people home from the field!), eating five meals a day (he’s really tall for a hobbit!), and ice cream of all types. Elton, who was born in Silsbee, Texas now lives in Rosharon with his beautiful wife, Tiffany, and teenage kids, Alysia Gulley and Jason “Buddy” Gulley.