Gaury Pirkle


Gaury was born and raised in Gonzales, Texas. He moved to Freeport in 1974 to work for Dow Chemical. As is the lifeblood of most Texans, Gaury worked faithfully at his job for 35 years before retiring in 2009.

Soon after moving to Brazoria County, he met his wife-to-be: Janet Wingate. They fell in love and married just a few, short months later! Gaury and Janet have four children: Sandy, Jamie, Charles, and Kenny. Family is a big priority to both Gaury and Janet. The Pirkle home is frequently graced with grandchildren… and with 13 grands (and even one great-grand) there’s always a sweet face smiling back at you!

Janet was the first to visit Life in 2010 and, by the following year, Gaury couldn’t stay away either. The real shift happened when he joined the men’s Bible study and started praying more. Gaury says, “It seemed to me no matter what I prayed about the one answer I got was always the same: ‘READ MY BOOK.’ So I did… out loud!” Gaury and Janet started growing closer to God and, as a beautiful bi-product, began growing closer to each other as well.

Before too long, he began helping with special projects around the church: extreme cleanup, multiple building projects, and even VBS! Gaury joined the staff in 2016. When you see him working on campus, his sly grin and welcoming wave says it all: he enjoys what he does.

“I know that this is where God has me at this time in my life.”