Judy Bowman

Data Processing

1994. That’s when Judy’s life at Life Church began. There was talk among the leadership about starting a Christian school, and there was a need for someone(s) to “do” it. So, for the next five years, Judy and team “did” school and life together. She considers the time with those students in Life Academy a precious and special time and regards most of them dear friends to this day.

Judy’s belief that “it’s easier to build children than to repair men” moved her to teach the kids and even junior high age at Life. Her passion for kids to get a sound and solid foundation—before they “mis-learn” the Bible—motivated her to research, pray, study, write, and teach to that end.

Though speaking is not her favorite activity, her heart is to speak, teach, and do what’s necessary to help people know the Truth that brings freedom. Partnering with her husband, Sonny, in classes and trainings is her favorite mode of operation.

Backing up just a tad…
After graduating from Sam Houston State University (completely paid for by an obscure “God” scholarship), Judy taught upper elementary in public and private schools, even doing a bit of band directing. Her last season of formal teaching included teaching and tutoring adults to speak English as a Second Language (ESL). Working with International Friends (teaching ESL), was a joy since the mission field came to her—so many precious souls—from literally all over the world.

And speaking of the mission field coming to her… Judy has a passion for missions and for every person to have an opportunity to hear the Gospel. When she and Sonny did some short-term missions, she was changed—and also realized that the “field” was not where God was calling her. When the ESL opportunity opened up, she was thrilled! The “mission field” had come to her. She was able to love, serve, teach, pray with/for, and share the gospel with many internationals, through small studies and classes.

Judy met and married Sonny in 1981, and she affirms that he is “her most precious gift” this side of Heaven. Not only is he her best friend and partner in life, but Sonny has been a powerful model of God’s unconditional love, and in Judy’s words: “Sonny’s love for me, when I knew I didn’t deserve it (At. All.), has helped me to believe that God could love me. That love is the ‘stuff’ that has changed me and continues to change me.’” This revelation of God’s agape love for her has launched her on a quest to love others with that same love—without conditions, without limits, without partiality, without fail, without end. “Let love be your highest goal.” (1Co14.1). That’s her mission, and she’s learning to express that love in practical and not-so-practical ways.

Details are important to Judy, so doing what many consider tedious (like data entry) is gratifying to her. And when she’s not doing data entry, she loves time with her sweetheart in the great outdoors, riding bikes, walking, or just soaking in God’s amazing creation. Visits with the kids and grandkids are also a treat. [1Co14 pic done by granddaughter Maddie!]