Lauren Jones

PreK Coordinator & Secretary/Receptionist

Lauren’s life before she accepted Jesus was crazy. She was angry for her parents’ divorce. Instead of getting her security from the hope and love of God, she was looking to her earthly dad to provide that, but he couldn’t meet that need. Lauren also turned to her friends in an effort to fit in. She was lost, broken and headed down a self-destructive path and didn’t know it.

In 5th grade she met a new friend, Morgan, who invited Lauren to her house, church, and youth camp. When Lauren attended church and heard about God, she realized that she was broken, and that she wanted something different. One night, after church, Lauren accepted Jesus into her heart. It was simple and heart felt. At summer camp she was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Her life was changing because of a divine contact—someone had the courage to love her like Jesus does.

Lauren met Joby, whom she later married, while attending Willow Drive Baptist Church. He had a love for the Lord and was pursuing after Him, and she found that intriguing. Over time, they quit going to church and allowed distractions and temptations to enter and come between them. Where most people would get divorced in similar situations, they chose God. They prayed together, asked for help together, and chose to block out all temptation and distractions.

Lauren and Joby started attending Life Church in 2004. They have been here ever since—being stretched and growing. They have traveled to Africa on a mission trip, where Lauren helped teach a children’s service, ministered at an orphanage, and did door-to-door outreach. It was here that Jesus’ life came alive.

Lauren graduated from the University of Houston–Clear Lake (UHCL) with a degree in interdisciplinary studies and was in the pursuit of a teaching career. It wasn’t until after she graduated that she realized that her early childhood education was preparing her for ministry.

At Life Church, Lauren has plugged into the children’s ministry where she teaches 3 and 4 year olds—realizing that her heart and passion is to pour into God’s kids. She loves helping to instill into their innocent, preschool hearts the truths and character of God before the world has a chance to make its imprint on them.

Lauren has served on the Life Foursquare Church staff as a secretary and receptionist, then adding PreK Coordinator, since the beginning of 2015.