Melissa Soliz

CE Assistant

Upon graduation from Angleton High School, Melissa went right to work in a law office, which led to obtaining a college paralegal degree. When she and Robert, her high school sweetheart, got engaged, they went on a search to find a church to get married in. They never dreamed of the life changing experience they would experience upon visiting Life Foursquare Church where they got saved and began living a life for Jesus!

Melissa knows that the Lord worked intricately in her and Robert’s lives from the beginning of their relationship. She specifically remembers praying to God at the age of fourteen for God to send her someone whom she would know she would want to spend the rest of her life with. Growing up in a divorced home, Melissa was looking for the love she felt robbed of, and for someone who would take care of her to fill the emptiness she felt. Robert came into her life at that time and they have been together ever since.

Early on, Melissa and Robert went through some big ups and downs. Since they did not know God completely nor were they living a life God had called them to, they caused one another great hurt and loss. However, God continued to help them work through those times which eventually led to marriage. Once both of them got saved (6 months before their marriage) both of their lives changed completely!

Their marriage is strong. They were able to forgive and overcome some huge hurts of the past and to bring two wonderful children, Evan and Lily, into the world. Now their children are leading a life that God has called them to. She truly believes that if God did not work like he did at the age of fourteen, her life would have taken a totally different direction. God’s answer to her immature, selfish prayer at that young age demonstrated to her that God loved her, cared for her, and would provide everything in life she would ever need.

Melissa started volunteering in the children’s department of Life Church and knew this was where God had called her to serve. Even though she is more of a “behind the scenes” kind of person, she thoroughly enjoys connecting to the heart of children, seeing them redeemed and filled with God’s love. Melissa’s heart breaks for hurting kids, so being a source of light and hope for all children is her passion. She knows God has called her here and that He is entrusting her to guide them to know Him.

Melissa enjoys spending time with her family in her spare time. You will usually find her at a sporting event cheering Lily on or at a music event supporting Evan. Robert and her enjoy dinner dates and being Evan and Lily’s biggest fans wherever they may be. Melissa worked at Life Church from 2002-2003 as a receptionist, then returned to serve as our Children’s Education Assistant in early 2014.