Miguel Contreras

Maintenance Tech

Miguel Alberto Contreras was born in Galveston, Texas, but raised in Juarez Chihuahua, Mexico, where he lived with his parents. He received Jesus at the age of 18, but continued living his life without serving God. Miguel had a somewhat messy childhood spending some of his time in Texas with his grandparents or aunts, then other times with his parents in Mexico where they had many needs. During his adolescence, Miguel was involved with gangs, drug dealers, weapons, and drugs.
As a youth. Miguel dated Maria del Carmen for 4 years, which was very bad relationship with many problems and jealousy. In 2007 they married and were fine for the first year. After that, the marriage problems increased, compounded by not being able to have children. In 2009 they made the decision to move to Clute, Texas, where there began an immense desire in Miguel’s heart to seek God. He knew that his marriage needed God, and so did he.

In 2010 they attended Iglesia La Vida Regional where they began to learn and grow in God’s word. They also began to serve and love people. At La Vida, they learned to pray and hope in God for a miracle to have children.
They began to consult doctors to seek answers as to why they could not have children. There was no reason medically, but they simply did not get pregnant and the years were passing by. They started with treatments, and in 2016 they got pregnant. However, Carmen lost her baby at 2 months. This was very hard for them since they desired to be parents with all their hearts. They could not understand why this was happening to them; however, they chose to focus on serving God with all their hearts. Twelve years later, Victoria came as a miracle into their lives. God surprised them when they least expected it! Victoria brought so much faith, hope, happiness and love into their lives.

Today, Miguel, Carmen, and Victoria continue to serve God with all their hearts, telling people about God’s love and talking about the miracles that he has done in their lives. The desire of their hearts is that people know Jesus and have a relationship with him, so that their lives and families may be transformed as theirs was. God placed a call in Miguel’s heart to serve him full-time in the ministry, and in 2019, he got his pastor license. He is currently studying in the Faculty of Theology to become a Foursquare pastor.
Miguel currently works here at Life Church in the maintenance department where he loves and enjoys his work so much. Life Church has given him a great job opportunity, which is truly a blessing for him and his family. Miguel has felt so loved and blessed in this place.