Rhayne Cassatt

Jr. High Minister

And life on earth hasn’t been the same since she arrived!

Rhayne is our Texas version of Gidget – always smiling, always into something, always with something on her mind. Rhayne injects, infects and directs our Jr. High ministry called Str8-Up!

But don’t let the pint-sized package fool you… this girl is all fearlessness and passion when it comes to the subject of saving the generation of young kids.

Rhayne cut her teeth as a licensed Social Worker who worked in the Brazoria County Juvenile Justice System with gang leaders and drug dealers. She has taken the truth of God’s love to the gypsy bands and street prostitutes of Romania; to the streets of the Bronx and Brooklyn where she talked to the children of gang leaders and drug dealers; to the destitute and fearful in Juarez, Mexico; to the orphaned and abused in the Brazoria County Youth Homes; and she has full access to our 1,500 students at the Junior High School.

For these things she was created! Rhayne grew up in a home full of ministry. Mom and Dad were youth directors who were the model she would eventually follow. But the college years were turbulent for Rhayne. Addiction, depression, sexual and emotional abuse, pregnancy that ended up with an abusive marriage and divorce – all these things bringing her to a wake up moment in February of 2001. It just couldn’t go on like this anymore! The lies had to stop. The double life had to come to an end. The precious little girl in her arms deserved more than this. It was there she took her stand and gave herself fully to the Lord who had saved her when she was 6 years old. From that time she has never looked back!

Rhayne says that her greatest joy these days is working alongside her devoted husband, David, and precious daughter, Maddison! She knows that God formed them as the perfect team to win the youth of our area! When Rhayne has a break in the flow of ministry, she is a South Texas Beach baby who loves to just soak up some sun, or make new memories with David and Maddi!