Shawn Nicholson


Talk about a powerful testimony packed with redemption! Shawn’s life used to be marked with brokenness and self-rule, but God changed Shawn’s narrative like only He can do.

Shawn was no stranger to heartache: he lost his father when he was young, and he tried to fill the void in his heart with things like bodybuilding, relationships, sports — he even became a teen parent. Shawn spent years striving to find love in various relationships. Yet, each one collapsed because of the lack of foundation.

Many years later, he met Jessica and started a family with her. They lived together for quite a while, but eventually the strain of sin and distrust took its toll. They completely separated. For the next 10 years they lived lives not considering what God had in mind.

It wasn’t until Shawn was incarcerated that he began to listen for God’s voice. Within the stone walls of a Texas State prison God began to soften Shawn’s hard-as-stone heart. It was there that he began to read the bible and allow God to bring real change into his ever-shifting world. Shawn’s new-found passion for God helped other’s find forgiveness and relationship with Christ, too!

At separate times, Shawn and Jessica individually decided to give their hearts to Jesus. As their love for God grew, so did their desire for God to redeem their family! Shawn has 3 children from previous relationships and 3 children with Jessica. They work hard to blend their family together. They are now married and on any given Sunday morning you can find them worshiping side-by-side.

Shawn joined the maintenance staff in the Spring of 2019. His friendly personality and devoted work ethic have been a wonderful addition to our team.