Sonny Bowman

Associate Pastor & Administrator

Sonny is the product of the 70’s Jesus Revival. It was an exciting time, a hotbed for the seeds of true religion, a testing ground for enduring faith, a refining furnace for believer’s mettle! The movement, so popular among young people, forged some of the greatest Christian minds and disciples of the century, and Sonny was right there as one of them! From your first meeting you know he’s “been with the Lord” and that he’s one of those “follow me as I follow Jesus” types that comes along only once in a great while!

You can tell from his convictions that his beliefs were formed in countless hours of refining study and debate. Sonny has answers for life and is not stingy to share them! He’s one of those precious guys who, if he doesn’t know the answer to something, will tell you so, and then leave determined to find it for you! He is a man on a mission from the Lord; intent on being pleasing to Him and being helpful to the people he is called to serve!

Nowhere does the weight of his character show more than in his writings! He’s the author of End Times— Putting the Pieces in Place (also available at Amazon) and Mormonism: Does it Pass God’s Three Question Test for Truth? The first is a classic piece of End Times literature studied by many. And his argument against the cult activity of the Mormon Church has not been successfully refuted.

Sonny wears many hats here at the church; everything from teacher, pastor, and counselor to IT, computer tech, and maintenance man… he willingly embraces “whatever has to be done!” He is also the heart and backbone of our adult education department.

Sonny is married to his best friend, Judy, who also loves and serves the Lord with passion. They both enjoy bicycling, hiking, and visiting God’s beautiful creation; especially mountains, waterfalls, and forests.

Sonny also loves and is proud of his kids and their families. (son’s family – left photo: Stephen, wife Elizabeth, Rachel & Cole) (daughter’s family – right photo: Cassie, husband Josh, Madison, and Audrey).

Sonny was born and raised in Texas. He graduated from Alvin Community College in 1971 with an Associate Degree in Electronic Technology. Sonny taught electronics at Alvin Community College for three years and worked many years in the electronics and chemical analysis industries. Much of that time was spent as a technical writer and graphic designer.

Sonny and Judy were married in 1981. In 1989, Sonny and Judy both graduated from Christ for the Nations Institute (Dallas, Texas). Sonny and Judy have participated in short-term mission trips in Tonga, Hawaii, Mexico, Idaho, Utah, and Costa Rica. For two years, Sonny was the administrator and researcher for Through the Maze, a ministry based in Idaho reaching out to Mormons. After that, he directed the Houston office of Watchman Fellowship, an outreach ministry to people involved in cults. His areas of specialization included Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the New Age Movement. Sonny has written booklets, tracts, and other materials.

In January, 1995, Sonny began working part time as the Administrator for Life Church. In the summer of 2002, he joined the Life Foursquare Church team full-time as Associate Pastor and Administrator. Besides administrative and pastoral duties, Sonny teaches adult classes on Wednesday evenings. He also taught several sessions in The Building Blocks of Life and Finding Light in the Darkness Bible study courses produced by Life Foursquare Church.