Tina Ocañas

Administrative Secretary

and what a great face it is… bright eyes, broad smile, welcoming words… this is Tina Ocañas!

Houston born and raised, Tina grew up with very devoted parents and a charmed childhood! Daily life was filled with playtime and just hanging around with family and friends! School was merely an extension of her social time. By early high school years she knew she had a growing passion for fashion… and that enthusiasm would materialize with hairdressing! This was the gateway to good… and bad times ahead!

Right out of high school, Tina fulfilled her desire to be a hairdresser… and right out of high school she got married. She was wrapped up in that fairy tale, high-school-love-affair mentality that seldom goes the distance. It wasn’t too long before she and her beautiful daughter, Gabby, were on their own. Still trying to find herself in someone else, a second marriage came to an end and now it was going to be the three of them; Tina, Gabby and wonderful son, Devin. Tragically and mistakenly, she just couldn’t see ahead any further and she attempted to end her life. It didn’t work… and it was the true turning point for her. This time Tina got it loud and clear! If there was going to be any definition in her life it would have to come from the Lord she had drifted away from as a child.

With renewed hope and the support of good friends she began a new relationship with God. He began bringing her into a wholeness that only He can give! In 2010, the Lord made it possible for Tina to meet a man in his own restorative time: Raymond Ocañas. They were married in December of that year. With God at the center of their lives they began serving at Life Church. In August, 2011, Tina began working part time as the Secretary/Receptionist for Life Church. It wasn’t long before she took on more responsibility as an administrative secretary.

Tina has a passion for people to come to the truth… She knows what it’s like to emerge from the darkness of confusion… and she comes with a willing heart to serve God by serving them! Tina and Raymond live in a happy home here in Angleton. Together they have four children Marci, Eric, Gabby, and Devin.